India out of world cup and the reasons are


Seriously do you need a reason on why India are out of the world cup.

Don't tell me you really believed the hype did you, on what performance basis. Just tell me one series where they showed they were good enough to go all the way in this world cup. Did you think the performance against Bermuda was the indicator. you gotta be kidding me.

Any way the hype could only get them so far. There are some good individual players in the team. But this is a team sport and individuals don't matter here. In that sense India were never in the running.

Hope at least now India will concentrate on a team and not individuals and build a team that all the Indian fans deserve.

Look at the way Sri Lanka rallied around each other.

They best example of the difference between the teams could be seen when the man of the match was awarded to Murali. He said that he was so excited about the first catch he took because the coach said to him that he was too old to field in the ring and had to be on the boundary, it was his way of showing the coach that he could still do it. Imagine if the same situation came up in India, you would have player throwing all the star power around to get at the coach rather than trying hard to improve. Look at what sehwag did with the coach.

Hope Indian cricket community sits down and comes up with a good plan ( Gavaskar are you listening, look at India performances for once ) for future rather than removing some players and changing the coach and continue the same way. Don't blame this loss on a coach or any single player. There is nothing much the coach could have done to win the game, may be he could have played that would have helped.

So India here is your opportunity to come bigger and better don't ruin it. Go Aussie go, they will show how the world cup is won.