Watch video of every piece of cricket world cup action here

The official website of this cricket world cup has a nice feature where you can watch video highlights and other video as the match is happening. If a wicket falls within minutes that action can be seen on the website. For example there is a section on the site called Matchcast which will give you list of all the matches and the live matches that are happening now.

If you select Matchcast of a particular match it will open a scorecard with all the details and each batsmen will have a small TV icon infront of them when you click it shows a video of how that batsmen got out etc.

At the end of the match you can even get highlights of the whole innings. In the matchcast click on the video and you will be given options to choose which innings you want to see. So if you missed the match last night go to this website and get the video highlights of the whole innings. if you just want to see how a particular batsmen got out you can also see that which is really cool.

I think this is the best sports site I have seen so far.