All our Natural Talents were just diseases

Imagine how when you were a kid you thought you had some kind of special ability. but as you grown up and learned about more stuff you realize all your talents are now labeled as diseases. Let me list some of them for you.

Talking to your imaginative friend

Kid : Wow he has some very good imagination
Grownup: He has some mental problems.

Holding on without having to eat food

Kid: He doesn't eat that much but has so much energy
Grownup: He has eating disorder

Holding on without going to toilet

Kid: He can hold on very long
Grownup: He has piles

Hold on to breath

Kid: He can hold on to his breath the longest
Grownup: He has heart disorder

You get the idea you too can come up with some. All our talents are now diseases. So kids enjoy your talents as long as you can once you know what they really are you will regret them.