Big hand iphone model revealed


There has been a lot of rumor the last couple of days about how apple is using a model who's hands are bigger in order to show the iphone as a small device and yesterday they released a small video demo done buy the same guy on apple site. And there is your big handed model who was making apple iphone look small. You have to give apple props for coming up with the idea if you can't shrink the device just make the users bigger.

The 25 minute video is a brilliant marketing tool. If after seeing it full, you don't go and buy one you are not a geek. I tried so hard but they pulled me back into the apple distortion field. Thank god I am in India where this device cannot be bought if not I would have been in the line already and regretted it later.

About the model, ladies you know what they say about the a guy with big hands...

Watch the iphone video guide from apple site which is 25 minutes long and if you select the smallest version it comes up to 90 Mb.