iphone doomed without stylus


First of all let me tell you I love the iphone as a gadget. And some of its ingenuity. But its hard for me to think it will succeed with out stylus.

I have been using windows mobile phone for a year now and for a few days I lost the stylus and I could not even use the phone without the stylus. I know what you are about to say, windows mobile was not made for gesture use but iphone also doesn't seem to be. The buttons don't see to be that big.

I was so impressed with the user interface of the iphone that I installed the iphone themes for my windows mobile and after a days use I have deleted it. You ask me why here is why?. The slide to unlock thing was done for the windows mobile phone too by someone and boy is it annoying after the first few times it really gets irritating.

You might say it really has cool way to browse the Internet. if you want to see how that feel try the opera mini 4. its fine but, really not the way you will want to browse. Internet. imagine zooming in and out after reading 2 headlines. After a while you will just give up try rss feeds like this.

And I think the keyboard on it seems to be getting pretty bad reviews already. So i don't need to tell you much there.

You might say at least it has a decent phone facility, seriously you will pay that kind of money for just the phone features not me.

Steve put in a stylus or accessories makers here is your golden egg.