iphone in India, will it come and what it costs

The iphone has started selling in USA. So the big question for all the Indian geek's is when will it come to India. Here is the information I found about it online.

You can order on at gadgetguru in India for 51999 Rs

The million dollar ... or crore rupee question is when will we see it in India? Apple originally said that the Asia launch would be in 2008, but here's some inside dope.. I've been getting "dipstick survey" calls by a couple of Public Relations agencies who are all pitching for the Apple India account and some of them privately say that they've been briefed about a possible launch as early as November! Keep your fingers crossed, though with customs duty, be prepared to shell out half a lakh!

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DNA reports: According to dealers in Mumbai's Heera Panna shopping centre, the city's largest wholesaler in mobile handsets and iPods - the grey market has already placed orders for around 30-40 iPhones. The plans are to hawk it at prices that are Rs 7000-8000 more than the US base price of $500 (ie Rs 20,000).
Yes, the phone is currently rigged out to work with a single operator - AT & T - but never fear.
As Business Standard reports: Grey market operators say they can 'unlock' the phone for just Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 so that it can be used on any network in India. "Unlocking the iPhone isn't tough," said a dealer in central Delhi.

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Apple I am willing to pay up to 25000 Rs which is what I paid for my dopod 818 pro. So bring  it to India at that price and you have a customer waiting. Until then we can all read the iphone manual and get ready its 9mb PDF.