Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End movie Review

piratesmovie 3

Before I begin let me tell you this first. If you have not watched the other two movies which came before this, its hard to follow the third movie of this series. So before you watch this movie go and watch the other two then you will enjoy this movie.

I am not going to give any plot details so don't worry.

I loved this one better than the other two movies. So much happening in the movie, and its quite long too 2 hours 40 minutes. There are so many things happening so many stories running at the same times its gets quite confusing who is on who's side but I guess that is the fun of the these kind of movies. Like all the big blockbusters there are some loose ends in the story, but still this is one heck of a movie. I have already seen it twice.

You have to watch it on the big screen, I am not sure if this is being played in Imax's but if its go check it out there. Specially watch out for the scenes where the Dutchman which is the Davi Jones ship coming out of water. It does it two to three times and every time it looks spectacular. So do all the fighting scenes etc.

The best dialogue of the movie was Jack Sparrow saying to Elizabeth Swann "Once is more than enough". This line makes all sense if you watch the scene and know the history behind them from the last movie. Another one is Barbossa: The world's a smaller place now. Jack Sparrow: No - there's just less in it.

There is also a special scene in the end of the movie which I think is a preview of the part 4 of the series. You have to wait till all the credits roll in, which takes more than five minutes or so but wait till the end and you will see a special scene.

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