Podcast’s you must listen to

If you are new to the Internet thing then let me explain what Podcast are they are like blogs but in audio. Most of them are weekly released which you can listen to using buy going to their website or by using other Podcast down loaders like itunes etc.

Here are some of them you should definitely listen to.

TWIT - This should be your one stop shop for all the tech news of the week. And other geeky stuff.

Buzzout Loud - This is a daily podcast released by cnet and has really fun hosts who bring a different view to the tech news everyday. This is a must for you if you are into technology and tech news.

My Extralife - The is the podcast by scot Johnson who is a comic artist. Every week he joins two other regulars and a guest and talk about all kind geek entertainment.

Political Gabfest - Weekly discussion by the editors at slate. they give their views on the whole political situation around the world in an interesting way. A must listen.

1Up Your - This is the must for all the gaming addicts. It gives views and reviews every week by the guys at 1Up.

Angry Gamer - This is a fun gaming podcast, listen to it, its hard to explain.

Cranky Geek's - Tech news by John Dvorak I think that should be enough for you to listen to this podcast.

Diggnation - The news and stories on Digg.com presented by Kevin and Alex.

DailyGizWiz - A daily show about gadgets, not your regular gadgets. But something different, hosted by Leo and Mad's Maddest writer Dick Dibartolo. Must listen

Football Weekly - Football podcast hosted by writers of guardian newspaper. They cover all the world football leagues. So its a must if you want to be on the ball.

India Forum Podcast - A show about bollywood music they play top tens, retro music etc. Very interesting music podcast.

There are many more out there this is just to get you started on the right track.