Review of HCL Y2001 Laptop which costs 40500 Rs

hcl laptop1This is the laptop i decided to buy. This gave me the bang for my buck. i bought this in April 2007 if can give me a better laptop at this price please give me the details and i will put it in the blog. Read on to find out the features.Hardware.15inch monitor, Amd turion 64 processor 1.60 ghz, 120 Gb, 1Gb ram, 16x DVD writer, wifi, modem, network port, 1 mega pixel camera.Has four USB ports, one PCMCIA slot, one vga out, One fire wire.Comes with windows vista home basic and Microsoft works pre installed. And the vendor also gave me free mouse and head phones with mike.The actually model only comes with 512 Mb ram but the vendor gave me a upgrade of 512 Mb more for the price mentioned above. It was 2400 Rs the ram upgrade which i think was reasonable. All this was included in 40500 Rs. You too have to get 1 Gb ram if you want to run vista smoothly.hcl laptop2The finish of the laptop looks really neat and nice. Not too many buttons on the laptop, just three one for power and one for wifi, other one is to change between different power settings. The keyboard is pretty straight forward and easy to use. The battery because this is a low end laptop last around 2 hours i can get a couple minutes more if i play around with screen brightness.hcl laptop3This is the best laptop i could have gotten at this price. My main issues were i needed vista with at least 120 Gb and a big screen like 15 inch or so. And this filled all the needs i had and at  a very reasonable price point.hcl laptop4I have just put in a 4 Gb memory stick and given 1Gb to vista which it uses as speed boost, so its like my PC has 2 Gb ram. And so far i have no complaints.If you are looking for a good laptop at a very reasonable price go for HCL and in particular this model.