So much data will cost you dearly if you loose it.

Everyday we hear about new storage device that can store so many terabytes more than the previous one. It nice that we are getting so much storage now a days. Before a 512 Mb pen drive was more than enough now 4 Gb seems small.

But have anyone thought of what will happen if you loose your now bigger storage drive. Imagine few years back if you would have lost a floppy you might have lost a few files or some documents which was a big deal. But now if you loose your pen drive you would loose so much more either your entire music collection or all your most important files in some case your whole hard drive. So with bigger and bigger hard disks and memory card chance of it costing us dearly is also increasing. Hopefully some one is also developing, some new ways not to loose them or if we loose it, not making it cost us that dearly.

Until then keep copying...