Stop Piracy and here is how

Want to really stop piracy in India do this.

There are so many films releasing in india every year people don't have time to go to the theatres, and once the movie is off the theatres and music channels people tend to forget those movies. tell me last summers top five films, that's the whole point.

Piracy will go on as long as people don't have time and DVD's are not released within a day or two of theatrical releases. My solution to the problem is release the dvd's' as soon or in a few days, after the theatrical release.

There are lot of advantages if you do this. Imagine a situation where a family wants to go to a movie, but its busy in theatres. Even if they want to go the timings are off etc. So why not release
the dvd's the same day of the theatrical releases that way more and more people in india will buy dvd's, and see your movies. 

There might be people who will argue that people will buy dvd's' and share them, which they are already doing with the pirated ones, now at least your are getting 40 Rs of that. And also if I was making a movie I would want more people to watch it. This way you will get the money in theatres and also the money in dvd's. To make the dvd's adoption cheap sell dvd's' at 40 to 50 Rs that way people will stop sharing and start buying.

This is not the only way but one of the ways.