I sleep under the sky watching stars, so can you

star magic1

I am a make magazine kind of guy. I always wanted to make the night sky in my room so I can watch the stars while I sleep. So in order to do this I tried it first in my bathroom which is small, if something goes wrong I don't have to worry because I am not going to look up in my bathroom that much. So I painted the roof black and stuck a few radium stars. It was really nice. But ended up costing like 500 Rs or so and was very hard work painting my bathroom roof black.

star magic2

But recently I bought a packet of star magic that said it would do the same thing for just 50 Rs. So I thought why not give it a try. So I stuck the stickers all over my room and put the light for one or two hours and when I switched the lights off. There it was the space with stars and everything. I event stuck few stars  that looked like the really constellation. Like the row of three bright stars and a constellation that looks like a spoon. All in all for 50 Rs and around half hour work now I sleep under beautiful bright stars every night. So go ahead and give it a try. I couldn't take the photo of my room because when i put the lights on the stars disappear. So put yourself and be prepared to be stunned.

A tip to stick the stars to the room's ceiling  just open the sticker and place them in a way that the gum face the roof . Put them on a stick and just put them on to the ceiling that way you can do it faster and you don't have to get up to the roof. good luck