Iphone really costs only $220 to make

I promise this is my last iphone post for now at least. The really cost for making an iphone is only $220 adding $80 more for assembly and shipping and advertising included will only make it $300. So apple is making $300 on every 8gb and $280on every 4Gb phone they are selling. That's huge margin, this also gives apples a good margin to drop the price later if the demand comes down.  Read more here about iphone costs.

Everyone is talking about how fast iphone is selling etc. To put this into perspective the best phone ever sold was Motorola Razr.

Motorola Razr

750,000 in first month and in 5 years 50 million units worldwide


700000 in first week so can it beat the Razr, I personally think it will not because Razr was subsidized by the provider and iphone will not be so not many people will be buying $600 phones. At least not 50 million of them.