Taj Mahal will be a wonder in my book always

taj mahal threatIts not worth the 7 wonders tag if we have to do so much publicity and hoopla to get it. Listen to my reason before getting angry.In the list of the nominations for the 7 new wonders of the world. None of the monuments come close to what the Taj Mahal stand for. Take a look at them, they were either built for Glory. Selfish reasons. Taj Mahal is the only monument built for someone else. This monument had no purpose other than to show the love one had for his partner. What other monument has such a great reason for its existence.  See the list below and think of what shows us as better humans. Its the expression of love and what better monument to show the love humans have than Taj Mahal.Acropolis - was to radiate power and protectionAlhambra - private royal residenceAngkor - world’s largest sacred templeChichen Itza - served as the political and economic centerChrist Redeemer - statue of JesusColosseum - amphitheater in the centre of RomeEaster Island Statues - sculptures still puzzles historiansEiffel Tower - magnificent steel tower a symbol of ParisGreat Wall - fortification from invading Mongol tribes out of ChinaHagia Sophia - museum serving both Christians and MuslimsKiyomizu Temple - the temple of “clear waters”Kremlin / St. Basil - official residence of the CzarsMachu Picchu - the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a cityNeuschwanstein Castle -  CastlePetra - glittering capital of the Nabataean empirePyramids of Giza - Burial groundsStatue of Liberty - huge statue a symbol of hope and freedomStonehenge - it is not clear who built, nor for what purposeSydney Opera House -  Opera HouseTaj Mahal - honor the memory of his beloved late wifeTimbuktu - Timbuktu was at the crossroads of caravan pathsAll the descriptions taken from the new 7 wonders site.