The disconnection in advertising and Internet

I know you might say we have more advertising on the Internet than we need. What I am talking about is the disconnections between advertising in print and visual media and Internet.

Recently I saw a press release for Reliance Data cards on this site. Which they are now offering for free for with a 12 month service plan. So what will anyone interested in this do. Go to Reliance site and look for the offer. But when I went to reliance site there was no sign of this anywhere. Why this disconnect, why spend so much time and energy into advertising when you guys don't even put little effort to implement it on your website.

Now a days consumers, as soon as they see an ad they go to that companies particular website. This happens with all the companies not just Reliance.  When I see an ad for Nokia mobiles on TV, I go to their website and I have to dig for that particular product. Its not in the homepage. Why don't the PR in the companies work together.

So get your act together and If you want your advertising to be more effective. Start implementing the online advertising to coincide with your offline advertising.