This is how I get online in India and prices are

I will share the way I get on to the Internet. May be you will find a good deal and have an idea of how much it will cost or just to see how cheaper you are getting your Internet compared to mine.Mobile Internet: Bsnl Gprs Unlimited package It allows me to use Internet on my dopod 818pro windows mobile. It cost 200 Rs every month, I can use Internet as much as I want on my mobile.  The only thing I don't like about this plan is that once you start roaming you have to pay 10 Rs per 1 Mb use that's when I need unlimited connection most but the they charge me then.Price : To get this offer you have to be a post paid customer of Bsnl cellone service , if you have a prepaid connection you will have to make it post paid and then go for this offer. Which is what I did, there is a 2500 Rs one time deposit but that's the cost for getting a postpaid connection. Grand Total is 2500 Rs + a voice package there are three different packages to choose from if you choose the package I choose it will cost 2500 Rs + 500 Rs 1 month bill (its without any call that's just the minimum). Total comes to 3000 RsSpeed : 2 kb in the speed test, it could go few bits more when the network is not busy. Getting online takes like 5 seconds. its okay to read rss feeds and check email. But not fast enough for video or radio. To download 1 Mb takes like 20 minutes.Should you get it: If you are news junkie like me yes its worth it. I can use Internet without this plan but it will cost me 10 Rs every 1 Mb. I at least use 100 Mb on mobile so its worth it for me. If you check mail or cricket scores or news etc every few minutes its totally worth it.  And use operamini browser which is free to get the best experience.Wireless Internet: Reliance Data Card Platinum Plan It allows me to connect to Internet on my laptop anywhere in India where reliance mobile works. No roaming charges anywhere in India.Price: It cost 1500 Rs but add another 200 Rs for taxes etc which makes it 1700 Rs per month. When you buy for the first time you will have to get a modem from them which cost around 4000 Rs and a phone connection which costs around 500 Rs so to get it started.Grand Total is 4500 Rs + 1st month bill 1700 Rs = 6100 RsSpeed : 18 kb in the speed test. Getting online takes like 5 seconds. Its better than dial up and for web radio too. To download 1 Mb takes like 5 minutes. You have to use a special application they provide to connect to the Internet.Should you get it: If you want a connection that is wires free, that works anywhere in India when you are traveling yes you should get it. just put the PCMCIA card into your laptop and you are good to go. There is also a USB modem version available. I used 16 GB in one month and it took me 340 hours to download that much data. There are cheaper packages but platinum is the unlimited package. So get the unlimited package and have fun. Until faster connections like edge or mobile broadband come along. So let me know if you are using a cheaper connection. And what type of connection do you use. I am also planning to get BSNL broadband unlimited package soon I will let you know about that as soon as I get that package working.