What is pownce good for?

pownceThere are so many sites out there, so why do you need pownce. Here is why you need it and what you can use it for.I have friends who are not online all the time. So I cannot IM them. And I only have small things to say or some links or files to share with them so I can't email them. So that's where pownce comes in. Once you sign in you can send invites to your friends who are added automatically once they join with your invites or you can go to their page and add them as friends.But the best way to use it is not online but offline. Download the app they have on their website. which is around 8mb for the Adobe runtime called Air and 300 kb for their app. Once you install you can use it like im. just select links or post or file or event and select a friend in the list or public if you want everyone to see and just post. the file size limit is 10 Mb.So this way I and my friends can keep in touch without being too invasive. If you want invites add comments to this post and I will send you one. I have four left.Don't use Internet explorer 6 some themes look bad and the you can't change your photo.