99 more TV channels coming to India

I just read this story here that 99 more channels are waiting for approval by the Indian government. So that they can start broadcasting. 99 more channels is what we really need now, how about some quality programming.

Before I use to get 35 channels and I had so much stuff to see on TV that I had to genuinely pick which programs to see. Now a good program is hard find.

I have Dish TV and I get around 150 or so channels I have not counted every single one of them. But still at times and on certain days like a Tuesday or Wednesday and even on Sunday I can find hardly anything worth watching. No wonder people are turning to Internet for their entertainment.

The biggest problem is not much good content is around for all these channels. Look at pogo which seems to repeat the bean and other shows so many times. Even the big channels like star world are guilty of this. Really do we need regional channels of doordarshan. Just tune into some of those channels and watch it for a while and you will know what I am talking about.

We don't need more channels just more good content please.