Apple you can’t stop admiring the company

iphone openletter

Love them or hate them you have to admire the company. Which company in technology sector would come out in two days and offer a rebate of $100 for the previous iphone users. Many companies would have just ignored the whole thing. But not apple.

I really can't see why many of the people are complaining who bought the iphone. Most of them who bought the iphone are early adopters who usually pay very high prices for the stuff they are buying.

I seriously would live to know how many of them would traded in their iphone for $200. And if Apple would have come and said we will charge $100 per month for the next two months how many of these same people would have happily went ahead and bought it.

So early adopters stop crying. Apple I can't stop admiring you.

Even Steve Jobs seems to be saying this.