New firmware for Mp4 Chinese player

mp4 firmware

Its technically not a new firmware because there are no enhancements. But it change the look of the player. You get a new user interface like the iphone style. You get a new opening and closing animation etc.

See the picture to see what the new interface looks like.

Warning it will only work on the player that look similar to the one in the picture.

For others who want to change their mp4 player firmware here is are some software you will need.

Download S1fwx to extract your firmware on to your computer

its a dos program just extract it and click extract.bat and let it run and when asked give the driver letter of your mp4 player. and it will download a file called dump.bin which is your mp4 players firmware.

It should take like 30 seconds or so.

Download S1res to edit your firmware

Once you download the firmware you can open the file in this program and edit the firmware by adding your own pictures or text etc.

Then using the mp3 player utilities upgrade tool update the player firmware.

The upgrade takes only 30 seconds or so. Be sure not to update the wrong firmware.  Good luck

Download the New mp4 firmware