What else is Google good for

Ya we all know Google is good for doing Internet searches. But what else can it do, here are some useful and interesting uses of Google.

It could be your clock.

You are at an computer, where the clock doesn't work or the real use is for setting the correct time on your system, or mobile etc.

Type - What time is it

See the results of what the time is by clicking here

It could be your sports score card

You want to know what the result of Twenty20 world cup are. I am hoping they will do this for future events too. This way you can look at the score in office even without your boss or co workers know it.

Type - Twenty20 world cup

See the results of sports event is by clicking here

It could be your money exchange rates teller

How many times have you been to a site and see the price in us dollars and want to know how much in Indian rupees that would be. You can even add the amount. like 1000 usd in inr.

Type - usd in inr

See the money exchange rates by clicking here

 It could be your calculator

You are on a webpage and want to add few number just go to Google and put those numbers in and it will show the results no need to open the calculator.

Type - 1568+5693 and click enter

See the result of your calculation by clicking here 

If you know anymore such uses let me know. There are plenty of other stuff people in US can use it for like movie timings, stock market etc. But these are the things you can use it for India that are useful to us.