iphone users I understand your pain

So much promise but not much delivered.

I am a windows mobile user. Out of the box windows mobile does everything you need to do on a PDA and mobile without needing any app's. It is quite stable too like that.

If not you can install many free and paid app's. You think of it and you have an app for it.

In fact the windows mobile can be transformed into an iphone with slide to unlock and all the other features. Even get the safari browsing experience for free on opera on your windows mobile.

For half the price of an iphone.

Can you turn an iphone into windows mobile you might ask why would anyone do that, but can you? That is what I am talking about.

I wonder why other operating systems didn't take off. They never allowed this much customization and openness. Look at palm OS, its in the dump already.

Apple if Iphone isn't opened up soon you are doomed to be over taken by the copy machines at Microsoft.

It doesn't take much to create a touch screen UI similar to iphone on a windows mobile.