itunes killer you didn’t know, its called ziepod

ziepodI was looking for a podcast downloader, and an alternative to itunes.  I tried most of them out there but none of them were small in size or easy on resources until I found the ziepod which is free to download.Its a 3 Mb download and runs as fast as the Internet explorer browser. all the user interface looks like the itunes one.But these are the feature that make it itunes killer for me.1. You can group your podcast into folders.2. You can resume downloads which helps on slow connections.3. Its simple to use can also be used as a rss reader too.4. Syncs with ipod I have not tried this feature, I got no ipod.5. You can put the player in four different shapes while using it.6. One button to sweep all the old podcast beyond a certain date.many many more....There are two version free and a paid one, the only difference is you can play video in the player if you pay for paid version. in free you can download video podcast but have to play them in an external player which is what I do.So go ahead and give it a try. ziepod is free and ziepod+ is paid version.ziepod the itunes killer only 3 Mb to download.