Biggest non show by Google and gphone

If  it was any other company we would have been all over them by now. But because its Google we just listen. Seriously was this the biggest non show event in recent memory not even a screen shot or a demo of the so called open operating system.

Why did they announce in advance about such a day when they have nothing to show. Do they want to scare Microsoft, apple, Nokia and other that they have big companies with them. What for by the time this thing rolls apple and Microsoft would be long gone. Seriously 2008 there would be at least two more iphone models by then, and at least a new release by Microsoft windows mobile (remember their recent patent of new interface).

Just like Linux it will be too many cooks and too many different variations. Which will never get that popular.

They could have just released a software package of their app's that any mobile maker could integrate into their phone natively rather than going all the way around and create a new OS.

Let hope at least in 2008 they will have more to show than this. Seriously any other company calling a announcement and showing this video, the press would have been on to them like vultures.