iphone review from India after using it in India

 iPhone in India Here is my long promised detailed iphone review. Since i want to tell you so many things i will split the review into three parts.

1. Buying and all the other stuff related to that

2. The actual Review of iphone in India

3. The other cool stuff  iphone can do

1. Buying and all the other stuff related to that

The actual price when i bought the iphone from bangalore Burma bazaar was 27500 Rs. Another seller said he could give it to me for 24500 Rs but he said that none of the features will work so i went to the guy who knew about this stuff and paid a little extra and bought it for 27500 Rs.

Some of the things to know before you buy.

Networks You can use Iphone in IndiaIphone will work on all the gsm networks in India. If you have a mobile connection with Sim card it will work

All the feature of the iphone will work in India only the visual voicemail will not work

You have to unlock the iphone to use in India, which the seller would have already done for you. Sometimes they will tell a lesser price than I mentioned above and once you buy ask 2500 Rs or so for unlocking so ask first about unlocking.

Iphone you buy at present in India come without any warranty, no one gives warranty

So check all the features and the screen etc before you buy

Itunes will not automatically update your firmware only if you click update or restore on the iphone or itunes will the firmware be updated or restored so don't worry. Try and avoid these at all costs unless you know what you are doing.

There are Chinese knock off that look like the iphone so be aware, there is nothing wrong in buying them but don't pay this kind of money for a fake one.

Also see if you are getting the 8gb one or the 4gb one because 4gb ones cost less around 23500 Rs etc

The seller will claim that iphone has 5 mega pixel camera, its not its just 2 megapixel and there is only one iphone model so far.

These are things you need to know.

Check the unit well and see if it has any scratches etc because it could be a old piece that would have been returned by other customers because of issues. So ask for fresh piece and check all the features like charging and touch screen feedback etc.

Once you buy the iphone don't restore it because it will lock itself. And also try not to update the firmware from itunes. Both these will lock the iphone, don't worry someone will always crack the new firmware. Once its locked take it back to the seller and for a small fee he will unlock it for you. Also don't try to disconnect the iphone between updating the firmware if you have done it by mistake let the update finish other wise you could brick (damage) your iphone.

Accesories that with iPhone When you buy, these are the things you will get in a small box. The box will have an iphone, cradle, power plug, one set of headphone, 1 USB cable and a cloth to wipe the screen which you will be doing quite a bit.

Also when you buy the iphone try and get a rubber cover for the iphone which will help protect your iphone from slipping which it can easily do. Since everybody will be asking for your iphone to have look its a good idea to put a rubber cover at least for a week or so. Once you get comfortable with the iphone you can remove the cover. And use it in all its glory.

Try not to put too much personal stuff for the first week or so because people will want to have a look at your iphone quite a bit. so wait at least a week or so before putting your girl friend's picture on the iphone. Unless you are comfortable with other touching and flicking at your girl friend pictures :-). I put sreya's picture for the first week, i guess she is use to this kind of attention.

to be continued...