The actual Review of iphone in India

Now the review of the actual device interface. First let me begin with the

Phone on IphonePhone in the iphone Its one of the easiest and simplest phone you can get. Anyone can quickly get use to it everything is big and easily and really responsive.

Even when going through contact or switching between calls or using keypad all are done with animation and none of them even hesitate. So its just one wonderful phone. Just for that people should buy this. Many people to whom i showed my previous phones don't know how to make calls even after many tries. With iphone it just takes one try and they get it. That is as simple as you get. As you can see from the picture you get all the details you need simply and elegantly. So phone in iphone is superb.

Tip: When you get a call if you don't want to take it just press the on and off switch ones to silence the ringing and once more to decline the call.

Phone on IphonePhone on IphonePhone on Iphone


Sms on iphone Sms on iphone has a special feature where you can see it like a chat session. If you are smsing the same person you will get a chat like view of the sms when a new one is received. The keypad is quite good and the keyboard corrects any mistakes that you make. So smsing is really nice on the iphone. It even shows a small icon with numbers on the sms button to show you how many unread sms are there. Which is really cool.




Sms on iphoneSms on iphoneSms on iphone

Camera on Iphone is only 2 mega pixel but it takes some of the best pictures i have seen on any mobile phone. The color is really good and the quality of the photo is also really nice. It takes pictures even when you are listening to music etc without a hitch. And some nice animation to go with it. There are not many setting to change just point the camera and click. The only thing i miss about the camera is the physical button to take photos. You have to click on the screen to take photos. Which is fine but it would have been nice if it had a physical button.

Tip: Take a picture as soon as the camera app comes on and you get good color.

photos on Iphone Photos on Iphone this has to be the feature that you will show to anyone who wants to see you iphone. As you might have seen from the video you can zoom and flick to see the photos in all their glory. There is also a small play button if you want to play a slide show for someone. All in all a very nice feature which works flawlessly.

Tip: When you play slideshow you change the transitions which are really nice by going into the settings options. There are five to six cool transitions you can try out. You can also set photos as wallpaper by zooming correctly to where you want. And also use these photos for contacts.

photos on Iphone

Email on IphoneE-Mail on iphone is so easy to setup. When you open the app for the first time you will get an option to choose an account from yahoo, Google or AOL or others. With Google and yahoo which i tried, if you select, it will only ask for username and password and everything is setup automatically and you are good to go. With yahoo you get push email and the best part is you get imap access to yahoo for free, for which you have to pay on any other mobile device. it works smoothly even with five to six accounts which i tried. you can set to check mail every 15 minutes and half hour or manually etc. When you go to the inbox it will check for new messages. All the messages can be read in their full html glory. Which is nice if you get pictures or have joined any newsletters. all are displayed inline and its quite fast. Reply and composing is also neat. You can attach a signature to all you out going mail. Everything works smoothly. It has never crashed on me in two months usage.

Tip: You can add  many account, but if you want to see only a few that you use regularly. just go to the setting and turn off the mail accounts you don't want to see. That way you don't have to enter the details again when you want to use them. I have 7 accounts and only 2 are turned on because those are the one i use daily.

Email on IphoneEmail on IphoneEmail on Iphone

Web Browsing on Iphone Web Browsing on Iphone safari browser make browsing on the iphone a pleasure. It loads normal sites faster than the mobile sites which shows how good this browser is. Its really quite fast at loading pages and rendering them. Once you use web on iphone you wonder how you ever tried using web on any other phone. Its that good. the bookmark feature is really neat too. You can rotate the phone and the pages turn automatically and that way you can read the webpages at a bigger size. Once the page loads, when you click on any text it automatically resizes to the screen which is really neat. You will know why once you get to use it. I thought operamini were doing good job with their browser but boy oh boy its nothing like safari. Safari is fast and really easy to use.

Tips: When you sync your iphone your bookmarks can also be synced. At the moment syncing is supported for it or safari. I use safari on the PC too that way I get good experience using web and my bookmarks are always synced.

Web Browsing on IphoneWeb Browsing on IphoneWeb Browsing on Iphone

Maps on iphone Maps on Iphone is just a show off app at the moment because not many things in India are tagged. You can see and get all the big landmarks in satellite view but the directions option doesn't work at all. Hopefully it will improve in future when Indian government realizes that maps can also used for some good purposes too. Until then use this to show off to people what you can do with your iphone.

Tip: if you want to get good results when you search be as specific as possible put as many details as possible,. Like state name and country and city name if you try to look for a place in a city. And you will get good results.


Maps on iphoneMaps on iphoneMaps on iphone

Music on Iphone is something special. Once you sync your phone with your itunes library. Its just pleasure to use. You can select albums in cover flow. You can have big album cover displayed when you listen to songs. You can rate them. You can create play lists on the fly. You have to use to believe it. You can use the speaker on the iphone but to get the best experience you have to use the ear buds which are quite good. It even has a small button on it to pause the song or skip the song etc. If you are listening to music when a call comes the music slowly fades out and you get the call. when you end the call the music automatically comes back which is nice when you are traveling. you don't have to search for your iphone just to start the music again.

Sorry I can't get any picture for these feature because the screen capture app closes when I open these features

Video on the iphone is really nice. It only play mp4 video that are synced with itunes. You have to go and manually select which movies to sync which is annoying. But the video display is really nice. And plays without any hiccups. The best part is when you play any video on the itunes and sync it with iphone it will start playing from where you stopped watching in itunes. Which is a really nice touch. It works the other way around too, if you see a movie on iphone and sync it with itunes and play the file in itunes it will start from where it was stopped on the iphone. It plays 1 gb files without any hiccup. Even when you zoom in and out its really smooth.

Tip: Its plays all the video from video podcast very well. So go get some video podcast's.

Podcast's on iphone is also really simple once you use itunes as your podcast clients just sync it and all your podcast's are on the iphone now. The best part is you don't have three different app's. Its just one app for movies, music and podcast's. When you select podcast and play it only plays audio even if its a video file. To play video podcast's go to video section of the app and it plays video podcast there.

Download a XML file of my favorite podcast here. Right click and select save target as and download the file to your computer. Then just import it in itunes and you can listen to all the podcast's I listen to.

Calendar on Iphone also is nice. Its simple and clean and works really well. Adding events is also very easy.

You Tube on Iphone is neat little app but i have not used it much because its quite slow on edge network. I have not tried it on WIFI yet. But it has nice interface and is really easy to use.

Stocks on iphone is a nice app where you can keep tab on all the stocks you want. adding new ones is also very easy. It works quite well even on edge. I think it only use small amount of data so its really nice app. Even Indian companies work with it.

Weather on iphone is also a great app. It shows weather with some very nice icons. For raining and cloudy etc. It even works with Indian cities.

Clock and Alarm on iphone is easy to use and easy to change.

Stocks on iphoneWeather on IphoneClock And Alaram on iphone

These are just the app's that come on the iphone. With just them iphone is really a good buy. You can add more app's if you jail break the iphone.

You really will not get a sense of how cool and nice the iphone is unless you see it in person. So see a demo and you will want one.