Year 2007 in review

What a year it has been in every way. Let me look at some of the areas I am interested in, and after the new year I will also write a predication post for the year 2008

Technology : This year saw bill gates retire from Microsoft. The release of iphone (God phone). The dominance of Google and rise in popularity of Facebook. Vista troubles dotcom bubbles etc.

Sports: Saw India finally deliver something, 20-20 world cup for all the hype about them. Saw Real Madrid win the Spanish league after a long draught. Saw the demise of Chelsea and rise of Arsenal. Problems in Italian football and the juggernaut of Australian cricket. The destruction of cycling and athletics with drug scandals. Rugby world cup came and went no one really cared because of the stupid TV restrictions.

Politics: The Iraq quagmire continues, Many leading nations saw their leaders change. Political unrest continues world over. Terrorism is on the rise especially in Asia.

Climate: The global warming seem to be hitting home not with big disastrous but with little annoyances. Luckily one of the bigger storms fizzled off, how many more can we dodge only God knows.

Economy: USA see to headed for recession and the world in particular Russia and Asia seem to in the midst of prosperity.

Gaming: Delays continue lack of availability manufactured or now continue at least for wii. Halo 3 and some surprise hits in Orange Box, Mass Effect and Bio Shock kept this year interesting. Rise of Handheld Gaming and casual games continues.

Movies: Big name movies disappoint some got a bit of our money and excitement from us. But not such a great year for movies.

Television: Seems to be on the rise again after the years of tivo and sitcoms. But it will take more such years for it to get back to its glory days.

Music: Seem to be helping bring the changes, but only to sell more of it. Lack of expression or thought continues.

All in all not a good year in my opinion. We have seen better years. And will see better years. Wish you all a Happy New Year and a more exciting one at that. Watch out for my New Year Predictions.