2008 predictions, hoping they will come true

These are the predictions i think will happen or hope they happen in 2008

Technology : Something even special from apple than the iphone. I think there will some new laptop that everyone on the planet will want. More online stuff from Microsoft. They are better at stuff if they put their minds to it. Look at the Live write its the best blog writer out there. So hoping they will do many more such exciting things. Other online stuff will be the same, i don't expect any new big things like Facebook. Most of the sites will try to consolidate their user base. You will see a lot of uproar on privacy as these sites try to lock down. I expect amazon to do a lot this year, they have started offering software as downloads for sale now and already have the best DRM free Mp3 store. Many companies will try hard but will not be able to beat the iphone's onslaught.

Sports: Real Madrid look stronger as a team and they will win the league and the Champions Leagues this year. The Australian cricket team will continue its winning ways. India will again struggle at least with one or two big name retirements. Olympics in China will be marred with protest and drug scandals.

Politics: The Iraq quagmire will continue. The politically situation will get worse around the world as you saw in Kenya as the stakes in politics go up. Pakistan will still struggle with democracy. Democrats will win in America, it will be Hillary Clinton.

Climate: Expect more proof from mother nature about Climate Change.

Economy: USA will find it hard to get back to its glory days as other countries catch up to it. Elections will only add to the distraction.

Gaming: Microsoft will at least announce their next gaming console. The wii will get a better version. Sony ps3 will finally come to the ring for the real fight.

Movies: Movies will struggle to get audiences due to piracy and lack of interest. More animated stuff will rule the roost.

Television: If the writers strike continues it will be hard to tell. But it will be sorted out soon and we will be able to sit our lazy ass again in front of our huge ass tv's.

Music: More non mainstream music will come on to the top charts. Apple will also play a major role in this.

We will wait and see how my predictions will go. Chime in with your own.