Airtel Gprs seems to be very slow

I have a bsnl mobile connection and the gprs connection sees quite fast for browsing.

But many user who come to my site searching in google are airtel customers. I know this because they put airtel in the search. And when i look at the logs i see "airtel gprs problem" or "airtel gprs slow" etc as their search terms. I have been seeing this for quite a while now. Is airtel really slow, by the amount of user i get it seems so.

There is no way for airtel customers to speed up their gprs connection. At least in bsnl you can change the DNS servers and get a good connection.

The other possibility for this is more of airtel users are using gprs. Because i don't know anyone in my area who uses gprs on their bsnl phone other than me. So that also could be the reason your connection is slow. Many user are using it so it makes airtel slow unlike bsnl.

Hopefully 3G will come to India soon and save us.