Best way to read news and rss feed on iphone

I tried many pages and app's to read rss feeds and news on iphone. The big problem is most of them i have to log on and create my list of sites i want to read etc. And always there is some compromise. Like i don't get the whole story or i don't get pictures etc.

So i made a page for my own use which you too can use to read news and rss feeds etc. i have most of the big names in there. And the best part is its in iphone format.

So go to this site from you iphone and have fun

If you think i missed any links send them my way or comment away and i will add them to the list.

Also another page i made to be used with Firefox.

Bookmark this page into Firefox bookmarks toolbar. Once its bookmarked click on the properties of the particular bookmark and select load in sidebar and enjoy reading rss feeds from there. The best part in both these is there are simple pages that load quickly.

So have fun.