Iphone firmware 1.1.3 should you upgrade in India

If you are an iphone user like me hold on to the temptations for a few more months. Until someone jailbreaks the new firmware.

There is nothing that cool in the new firmware at least if you are in India.

Maps will not work, because the maps in India are very bad at best. so the find me option will not work in India. And i t think triangulation with cell towers will only work when apple officially releases iphone in India.

Lyrics in ipod : Most of the Indian songs you have on the iphone will not have lyrics, so it will not be much of use to you.

Web clips : will work but really do you want to put icons to site you go to on your home screen not that exciting to me at least.

Multiple user Sms, seriously how can that be a feature. There is already an app that does multiple user sms on iphone

Changing the order of icons on home screen : that seems cool but that is the only good one. For that one feature do you want to risk bricking your iphone.

here are some alternative that will do the same thing for you if you know how to install apps on the iphone

Lyrics: use a program called tunewiki to get the lyrics while playing songs. here too most of the Indian songs won't work, but the English songs work. i have tried it.

customize icons on iphone home screen you can't drag them like the new firmware, but you can put them into categories with nice icons and give them names like games, apps etc. i am using. this and it is much nicer than the new moving icons thing.

So hold on and wait for the next firmware.