Mac Book Air will cost you 96000 Rs in india

Mac Book Air costs 96000 Rs in indiaAs i predicted it will come close to 1 lakh. If you thrown in the taxes etc. It will be a 1 lakh laptop. And i think that is 50000 Rs more for this laptop. I would have said go ahead and buy it if it was half of what its being sold for.

I really would like to know how many they will sell in India at that price. I guess some style conscious women would want one but that is way too much even for them. If you want to get apple then throw in a few thousands more and get a macbook pro which cost only 105000 Rs.

I think if i had one of these macbook air laptops i would break it accidentally because its so thin.

Mac Book Air costs 96000 Rs in indiaUpdateThe price was reduced to 87900 Rs. But still way high, if you looking at portability then look into eeepc 1000hWhich has all the spec of MacBook air and is small and gives amazing battery life and costs only 30000 Rs.