Macworld 2008 impact on us in india

None of the announcements at macworld have significance in India.

Airport extreme is too pricey at 11000 Rs just in usa. if that comes to India it will 15000 Rs, who would pay that kind of money for a wireless hub and an external hard disk.

The itunes store is not in India so forget about movie rentals etc. Why doesn't Steve jobs start itunes store in India, forget about the business from India. Just imagine the amount of content he will get if he puts a store in India. Which he could sell in other countries. All the companies in India will be more than willing to put them online just looking at the overseas market.

Apple tv same problem no itunes store in India

iphone updates you can read my other blog post and see that also have very less impact in India because iphone in India has not been official released.

Macbook Air looks cool, Steve could have gotten a lot more order if he got the price to under $800 or so. But with the price of $1800 it will be around 72000 add at least 15000 in taxes and you have 100000 Rs laptop. i don't think anyone can justify that price for a laptop that will have just the basic features.

Steve said during the movie rental thing that he would love to do it all over the world pretty soon. And mentioned aisa too so there is some hope.

Why is Steve jobs ignoring the Indian market is beyond me.

Until that happens this macworld significance in India.