Review of Transcend 820 mp4 player

Every day i get so many people coming to my site in search for news about mp4 players so i thought i should review a product that they should buy.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

This player is from transcend and costs 3100 Rs or at least that is the price i paid for it. The spec are

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

2 Gb memory (all real not fake)
FM radio
MTV video player, photos and text reader
Voice recorder
10 hours battery life

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

It comes with 1 year warranty and has 2 Gb of good memory unlike the fake Chinese players, It can be formatted.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

The buttons on the player are a bit squishy apart from that the player works fine. All the features work fine. The menu system is easy to navigate and come with a manual and a software cd in case you need them. It plays the mtv format video, you can convert any video into mtv format by the software they provide.

It comes with good headphones. Which sound very nice.

The fm radio can also be used to record the songs that are being played on the radio. So that you can listen to them later.

The battery seems to be replaceable because you can open the battery compartment but there are wires attached to the battery. So its not as straight forward as mobile battery replacement.

The only complaint i have is, it doesn't come with an adapter for charging. you can only charge it with usb. but if you spend 50 Rs more you can get an adapter through which you can charge it with regular electric plugs.

You can also hook up some external speakers, if you want to listen out loud. That setup will make it the cheapest portable music player. 3200 Rs for the player 200 Rs for the external speakers that you can get from any vendor and you have nice audio system.

Transcend 820 2 GB mp4 player

i think this player is smaller than the ipod nano not is bulk but in size, its not as wide as the ipod nano. For this price i think this player is better than ipod nano. You get 2gb mp3 player, fm radio, voice recording and other extra features.

You can buy the transcend 820 2gb player here for 3100 Rs