Secret iphone tricks no one told you about

They are secret because i have not seen them anywhere and i found them by accident while using my iphone.0. Slow motion in videos, if you want to see a video in slow motion. Then open a video go to the part where you want to see it in slow motion and stop the video. Then click and hold on to the forward button for a while and watch as the video plays in slow motion. This comes very hand if you want to see some fast action in slow mo or listen to lyrics slowly in Rap Videos. Also if you are into dancing this will help you learn dance moves by watching them in slow mo.1. Auto Scroll to the top in safari on iphone - When you are reading a long page after you scroll more than a page down the address bar disappears. if you want to get back up you have to scroll back up again or you could use this tip. Just click on the clock on the title bar and safari will scroll automatically to the top of the page reveling the address bar. So you can go to other sites. This is especially useful if you are using my iphone news and Rss feeds page.Iphone tips2. Repeat only one song on iphone - If you are like me. I get obsessed about one song at a time. I listen to it until i get bored of it. So there is a nice feature on iphone where you can repeat one song as long as you want. All you have to do is when a song is playing just click on the repeat icon on the top of the music player. If you click it once more the repeat shows a small 1 symbol. From then on it will repeat the same song until you stop the song.3. Send mutiple photos at the same time on iphone - i use this quite a lot if you want to send photos through email you have to wait until one photo is sent, to start sending another one. You can bypass this by using this tip. Send the photo through email as you usually do, then click home and close the photo application go to photos again and you can send another one without waiting for the first one to finish. You can send as many as you want this way. Once you have sent all the photos you want, just set the phone aside and it will send each one of the photos one by one. I use this feature a lot because it give me photos that are resized and rotated. that way i don't have to worry about converting them and resizing them on my computer.4. Stop iphone from sleeping when using the installer or installing apps - If you want to save batteries when you are installing apps through installer the best way to do it is. first go to the settings and in general change the auto lock to never and then go back and in brightness option reduce the brightness to the lowest level. That way you can still see what is happening on screen and still save battery. This comes in handy if you are installing big apps like the pocket guitar etc.5. Type dot, comma etc with just one click on iphone. If you want to type dot, comma etc click the shift key and hold it then slide it on to the full stop and let go. this comes quite handy when you are typing mails etc. This works with all the characters on the second screen of the iphone keyboard like numbers special characters etc. This tip i saw written by pogue.Hope you find them useful  if you know any new ones add them in the comments section.