I just visit two sites from India

The headline tells a story. The only two sites i visit in India are Rediff.com and Techtree.com.

Rediff for the news, not the best in any sense but its just easier and quicker to load.

Techtree for the prices of gadgets that they review. Which usually are at the end of the reviews and at least off quite a bit of what we can get in the market. I check so that i get an idea at what price not to buy that product.

Thats it.

Am i the only one, what others sites do you visit. I occasionally go to some shopping sites other than that all the sites i go to are international.

That is a bad sign for the Indian internet community. There is no compelling site out there that i need to visit everyday in India at the moment. Most of the sites just borrow news from their international counterparts or are just static pages that are never updated.

Unless someone seriously comes up with some good content you will not see me on any Indian sites.

If you have some recommendations or sites i should check out let me know.