My hunt for Asus Eeepc in India

Asus Eeepc for 17900 Rs with taxes in india

I found about the launch of this 18000 Rs small laptop in India by Asus in January 08. So I decided it would make a good gift for my nephew. So I went ahead trying to buy it. I thought it would be easy to get and went to the computer planet in Richie Street in Chennai which is a big store. But they had no idea about a laptop like this. Then I called the Asus sales representatives. But none of them could tell me where I could buy it, even though they tried very hard. Then finally the sales representative for south says I can't get it because its out of stock or has not yet started shipping. Then he asked me to check out E-zones stores and Croma Stores which don't have retail outlets in Chennai. So he finally gave the name of the dealer in Chennai, but he again said that the dealer doesn't have the stock and I should call him after few days. But I called the dealer immediately and found that he had the asus eeepc in stock and the price was 17900 Rs with taxes. So finally after two days and many phone calls I bought the Asus Eeepc. Watch a review of it soon.

I bought it from Sethia Infotech in Richie street.

Asus Eeepc for 17900 Rs with taxes in india

Here is their number if you want to buy one

Sethia Infotech
2/6, Narasingapuram Street,
Next to Indian Bank,
Mount Road, Chennai 600 002
Phone : 91-44-42149599 / 32982159 / 42168776 / 42168885
Mobile: 91-98402-75253 / 98841-20789

In other places in India try the Croma Stores or the E-zones stores.

They don't advertise them well and also don't get them into computer shops. Then they complain that they can't sell stuff. Imagine if someone trying to buy a cheap PC saw this in a store he would have second thoughts about getting a PC.