Kudos to Iphone Development community

In a few days times Apple will release the SDK and the installer app and the iphone developer community will move on to SDK leaving the wonderful and easy to use installer app on the iphone to die its natural death.

So this is as good a time as any to thank the whole community who have kept all of us happy with their wonderful app's and creativity.

Special mention has to be given to the guys behind installer app. Who standardized the way the app's are installed on iphone. This has to be the best experience I had installing app's on any operating system period, even including PC and other mobile devices.

Everything was streamlined and beautifully done to keep the iphone user experience intact. Why couldn't apple pay these guys some money and take over installer app and use it to install app's that are developed using apples's SDK.

So lets thank this wonderful and creative community. Hopefully the release of the SDK will not dampen your enthusiasm or creativity.

Leave your thank you notes in the comments section. Let us show some appreciation for the wonderful app's and creativity they showed.

Also do mention the app's that you loved and enjoyed this few months. Mine are Nes, Wallpaper, iZoo, iSolitaire etc.