I switched from Reliance to Airtel wireless Internet

I use to use the reliance data card Internet on my laptop for 1700 Rs per month to get an unlimited connection. In the last few days the data card's antenna got damaged so I decided to repair it. I thought they will fix it once I take it to their show rooms, I was still under their one year warranty. But as it turns out they don't do that. You have to take them to their service centers.

So I called their call center and after quite a few minutes asked someone to contact me if the want to keep their top end customer happy. They said they can't call, they will never make outwards calls to customers. This is the same company that came to my home to give me a new connection. But for providing service they can't come to my home or at least give me a replacement. I have to spend a day and take it to repair in some service center. All this while I am still under warranty.

Procedure to disconnect Reliance Data Card.

So I asked them for the procedure for disconnecting the connection. Then he said that they will give me a number and I have to go and get a form from the showroom and fill it. Then I will get a call from the reliance guys confirming that I have been disconnected. I don't get this, they will call the customer to terminate his connection but not to provide him help. Its not like I am new customer, I have been using their service for last 10 months and payed them more than 17000 Rs for just wireless Internet.

So I looked else where for a cheaper alternatives. And was quite surprised to see Airtel was offering a unlimited plan for wireless Internet for 999 Rs + taxes. But I have to get another modem. So this time I went with Airtel USB modem which cost around 3700 Rs with activation and everything. And was pretty straight forward procedure and the USB modem works fine. I will review it later.

So after switching I get a cheaper connection which will end up saving me at least 3000 Rs if I use it for one year.

Something's I learned

Reliance gives their bills from 15th of the month so when you go to disconnect the connection thinking its from the end of the month. You will have to pay half the months bill. I didn't realize this otherwise I would have ended it when the last bill came.

So before you disconnect watch the billing period so that you will not pay huge sum. I am paying around 3000 Rs to disconnect because I am paying 1 1/2 months bill.

Its not like I hate the company no I don't, when I went to their show room and saw a super offer for landlines. Which I would get if I was leaving living in a city.

If you pay 1400 Rs for the device you will get a prepaid landline wireless connection with lifetime incoming free or 10 years incoming free. And the price for making local calls are 90 paise and 1.25 rupees for std. Which is a great offer, if you have bsnl land line go for this connection you will save 6000 Rs if you have STD and 3000 Rs if you have a Local connection. No monthly minimum bills. And you also get 100 sms free or something like that.