Iphone PC suite the best way to interact with iphone

iPhone PC Suite1

This could be the coolest and the best tool to interact with your iphone on your computer out there. You can do virtually all the things you wanted to do for a long time.

Install app's on your iphone.

iPhone PC Suite3

Back your notes and other data from your iphone

Create appointments in your calendar on your iphone

iPhone PC Suite2Edit and copy notes from your iphone

Copy photos from your iphone

Read, export your sms from your iphone

See the call log with individual timings of each call from your iphone

Organize safari bookmarks from your iphone on your computer

Change themes add themes to your iphone

Change ring tones to your iphone

Change other sounds on your iphone

Also access the file on your iphone via file manager.

You can save all the data on to your PC too. Here is where you can get the iphone PC suite.