Windows 7 looks like more trouble than vista

Windows 7

Not trying to be controversial. I love my vista very much. But after seeing everyone else complain about vista.

I can't think how windows 7 will be taken in a positive way. They should have tried to make less complicated and simple. Not more complicated and more UI's.

The next version of windows 7 could have so many different shells that it even boggles my mind to think of having to deal with all those.

Windows 7

Choice is good but too much choice is always bad.

This will also screw up the look and feel of the UI among programs.

The worst part is the touch implementation. It could go so horrible wrong. This thing will not be standardized. Just like the windows UI which seem to be all over the place similarly the touch could also go all over the place with each software maker using their own touch commands making it even more complicated.

Windows 7

I can only imagine how the virus writers are drooling over the touch commands to do more damage. Clicking could have been hard but asking people to touch a beautiful girl or a currency note would make it even worse for normal people to resist and allow them to get easily infected.

While apple is going the simpler way, Microsoft is trying to make it as complicated as possible for people to like its operating system.

Take a look yourself at the windows 7 screens grabs and tell me if I am right or not.