Euro 2008 beings today

euro2008 logo

The football tournament which many claim to be better than world cup is about to begin today. I will be glued to my TV. Here is where I will be getting my Euro 2008 coverage.

euro2008 mascot If you are not familiar with the event go here to know more from the official Euro2008 site. These are the stars that are expected to shine during this Euro 2008 event.

You need to check out this podcast to get a good coverage of the event.

You can watch the whole event on Espn in India and the games start at 9:30 PM and 12:15 AM respectively.

My picks for the tournament are Portugal or France. If luck goes with them may be Spain.

Hoping for a fun tournament filled with goals.

Leave any new sources or podcast I should check out in comment to get even better coverage of euro 2008