Is it smart to delay the sale of iphone till July 11th

iphone 2

I know they can't make enough or they have some kind of issue in manufacturing. But is it good marketing to keep people waiting for this long. Its been more than two months or so since the iphone started running out. Not they show a better and cheaper product, but it still can't be bought.

How many will just get tried of it and buy some other device now thinking they will replace it with iphone when it comes into market.

That's a double edged sword, once's people see what's out there, if they come to iphone they will be disappointed with its lack features and go back to the earlier device.

So is it good marketing to have such a big lead between announcement and sale. Its not like they have other products in similar category for sale in the market.

So they have to be loosing potential customers as the days go by.