M. Night Shyamalan a director who defy's norm

night First of all how big would he be if he came to India and did a movie with Indian actors.

This article showcases how he is defying the norm by not accepting the rules and restrictions of the movie studios and doing his own thing.

“You’re supposed to be hidden if you’re a director. That’s a rule that who said in the movie business?”

His new movie "The Happening" really looks like an interesting movie can't wait for its release on June 13th. I am just curious what it will be after watching that wonderful trailer.

He is also in line for directing the movie about that wonderful cartoon

Mr. Shyamalan is also directing “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” a big tent-pole movie based on a Nickelodeon cartoon, scheduled to be released in 2010 for Paramount.

It will be really interesting to see how he will make that movie because he is known for thrillers.