Mumbai will have statue of Shivaji in Sea

shivaji Just like the statue of liberty in New York. Mumbai will have a statue of Shivaji in Sea. This will much bigger than the liberty statue.

Vishal Dhage, a state government official, said the statue would be about the same height as the Statue of Liberty - which, with plinth included, stands at 305ft (92.69m).

The project will cost more than $4.5m.

The statues will be located on a man made island along with a library, a museum and an amphitheater.

It will be interesting. Just the other day I was thinking about how India doesn't have monuments that have been built by this generations. All our monuments are from another generation.

In fact we don't even have art installations like other major countries do once in a while. For example like the waterfall art project that will be coming to New York soon.

All we have is advertisement hoarding's and party banners.

So something like this is a welcome change. Hope more cities follow this trend.

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