Who will start the trend

By the look of it apple should have started because they are the best design minded company.

Still they too seem to be lagging behind in the futuristic laptop design race. When will we get to use these kind of laptops. Come on people start breaking the old trend and start creating new ones.

Futuristic Laptop concepts

1. It doesn't have to fold up like a laptop people it can be different and people will get use to it. It would be cool if you make a laptop that can slide out the keyboard like the mobiles do. And go away when not in use and could be used as a tablet.

Futuristic Laptop concepts

2. New materials are available so why not make a laptop like this one, one of the panels could be transparent when no power goes to it. But when user puts into a laptop shape the below screen could show a keyboard that is just a virtual keyboard. It could be converted into a transparent touch screen when it folds up on to the laptop display and make it a touch screen laptop. Without there being two touch screens.

Futuristic Laptop concepts

3. If the above mentioned concepts were too complex to design. Then why not this simple design, why not have a laptop that you can snap off the keyboard when you just want to use it as a tablet. You can snap on the keyboard when you want one. This way it will be easy to carry around and when traveling you can share the keyboard of your friends etc.

None of the designs are mine I am just adding to wonderful designs from very talented people.

So companies stop making tag lines and start making trends.