India gets iphone app's store, iphone 3g is coming


I was really intrigued how apple would launch the iphone in India and how it would be integrated into itunes store because there was no itunes store in India before. I was curious to know if India would also get a itunes music and movie store etc. But they seem to have taken the easy way out and just given only the app's store to India.

That's fine because they could always launch music and movie store later. They could have also added podcast's. Because they didn't now I have to go to USA store to get the podcast and switch back to Indian store for iphone app's. The prices are still shown in $ which I think will be changed when they launch iphone 3G official in India.

But I really would like to know how many people will be willing to pay around 400 Rs for a game for iphone, when they could get all the games and app's for free with iphone 1.1.4 firmware.

Iphone 3G is expected to be released in august in India going by the latest rumor. So let see how much they charge and what they do about movies and music stores.