DD Sports don't ruin the Olympics for me

I knew DD sports coverage of this Olympics would be crappy. But they have taken that to the next level with this Olympics. Here is how they are making it crappy this time.

There is no schedule, they cut from one sport to the other without any timing. Just when you are getting interested in what they are showing they change it to something new.

They also cut sporting events to show interviews with Indian Olympic officials. While a football match between Argentina and Australia was going on, they cut to show an interview with the Indian Olympics official. Do you really need to listen him. What is going to tell? How bad the Indian team is performing.

There are no highlight show, no one has time to sit all day through their crappy coverage so why not show highlights of the days events every three hours or so.

And last but not the least their hosts, serious with so much happening do we even need hosts. May be one guy just to tell us what's about to come. But no they have two host who don't know which camera to look at repeating exactly what the commentator just said. That to for more than five minutes at a time. That would have been fine if they did that occasionally. They do this three to four times every hour.

And finally for some of the sports they have Indian commentators who you would have known for their lack of professionalism. They just keep repeating what is happening on the screen as if I wasn't watching. And not adding anything more to the experience.

Why can't Indians get a professionally run national channel. How long will we have to endure this, why are the other sports channels sitting and watching.