Iphone 3G will cost 31000 Rs in India

Today I received a mail from vodafone saying that they will sell iphone on August 22nd. And it will cost 31000 Rs for 8 GB and 36000 for 16 GB.

They are asking customers to come today and tomorrow to pay a 10000 Rs deposit as advance if you want the iphone on the launch day. That's first time in India any mobile company is asking you to put down a deposit.

At this price I really don't recommend the iphone to anyone in India. Many of my friends were eagerly hoping for a below 10000 Rs price.

But at this high price you are better of buying it in blackmarket.

The official iphone from vodafone will cost you around 750 USD. Where as in USA they are selling it for 299 USD. That's twice the USA price which is really lame because you can't even use most of it's features in India yet. Like 3G, GPS Maps (Google has bad maps of India so GPS will not work well).

So go buy a iphone 1.0 or 2G in black market. Which you can get for less than 30000 Rs.

I bought my iphone 1.0 more than 9 months back still loving it. I would have gone and bought an iphone 3G if the
Price was below 15000 Rs and 3G
Service was available.