News head lines you thought you never hear

Past few days there have been reports of the trouble in Palestine between the two Factions that rule Palestine. Hamas which is ruling the majority of Palestine has been trying to put all the supports of Mohammed Abbas in prison. Many of this group have been started fleeing Gaza.

Guess who comes to their rescue, it's their mortal enemy Israel.

So for the last few days the newspaper around the world have been seeing headlines like "Israel helps 180 Fatah members flee Gaza clashes","Israel Helps Fatah Activists Escape Hamas In Gaza" etc.

That's something you never thought you would see.

Hope their friendship continues long after the fighting between the groups in Palestine stops.

They wanted Israel out of their land and now when Israel goes out they start fighting among themselves. I am not supporting anyone or judging anyone, isn't it time for the people of region get some kind of peace and normal life.